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leto sunce more priprema kože

Summer season a time when many of us spend a lot more time outside. However, spending long summer days in fun activities in the sun can increase the risk for your skin health. We’ve prepared a few tips for improving your skin routine in summertime and help maintain a healthy and nourished complexion. Here are some of the key things you should do and some you should avoid in getting your skin ready for the summer.

Summer can be challenging for the skin. Even when we do our best to protect it with SPF, dryness and sunburn can still happen.


To offset your skin’s reactions caused by sun damage, try to boost your daily regime with nourishing ingredients to restore balance to your complexion. Here are some of our favourites which can bring those to your beauty cabinet:

Almond cream – a nutritive formula ideal for tired and dehydraded skin craving moisture and lipids. Its combination of emollient and hydrating ingredients makes the skin supple and instantly hydrated. It also contains aloe vera and panthenol which have a soothing effect on the skin. 

Verbena + Bergamot lotion – a light emulsion rich in almond oil, shea butter and panthenol, an ideal for oily to dry skin. It absorbs instantly, leaving the skin smooth, refreshed and discreetly scented.


A rejuvenating peeling every once in a while is good for our skin. Exfoliation is an efficient method for cleansing and unclogging pores as well as removing dead skin cells from the skin surface. In summer months, some people notice that their skin becomes oilier, with pores more easily clogged with impurities, sweat and bacteria. Including an occasional peeling into your routine may be a good idea in order to keep your skin clean, bright and rejuvenated.

Our Active Charcoal and Clay Mask once a week could make a huge difference. We also have our gentle exfoliating tonics, which can be applied daily. 


Proper hydration, from within and from without, is a must in all seasons, as moisture is the key factor in our skin’s appearance and health. A well hydrated skin will not only have a smooth and supple look, but will also be soft to the touch, thus bolstering that vital glow we aspire to. Ensure you have your daily dose of water and pump up your routine with hydrating ingredients such as:

Glycerin – to be found in all our emulsions.

Shea butter – to be found in our lip balms, face creams and our body lotion. 

Hyaluronic acid – to be found in our Evening Primrose Cream and our Vitamin C face serum.


Nothing beats feeling than pampering yourself with a rejuvenating cleanse, peeling and hydration following exposure to lots of sun and salt. We recognise the importance of personal care, and yet, our mantra will always be: less is more.



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