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minimalistic flowers in black and white for skin care products

Skin minimalism aims to simplify skin care routines and thus keep it healthy and glowing. It starts from going back to basics and utilizing just the necessary preparations, even if carefully selected ones and suited to skin type and skin condition. The skin is allowed to be what it is.

Such an approach leads us to careful consideration of what products and how many of them we buy. Do we all really need a 10-step skin regimen? Do we really need to to buy lots of products just because we can? Do we actually use up each product we possess?

Using fewer products, apart from prior careful deliberation on which of them we really need, reduces the risk of irritations by a large number o ingredients and potential allergens. We also allow each of the products we use to show its effect and the results in gives. We show trust the product to show the results we hope to achieve on our skin.

Last, but not least, this approach is good for the environmental circularity, support sustainable living and are careful in consuming resources.

What should be pay attention to if we wish to adopt this trend?

If you want to start skin minimalizing, think in the direction of choosing products that are multifunctional: don’t buy into the idea that you need a separte product for each part of skin on your body or face, but also make sure you opt for products with dual effect, that is, ingredients that will target more than one „imperfection“.

What should a skin minimalist’s regimen look like?

When it comes to facial skin care, start with the basic skin care steps and then add one „active“ type product that targets the „imperfection“ you’ve focused on. For example, your skin regimen might look like this:


And that’s all that you need. This way, the skin barrier will remain intact by over-use of products that might harm it, and still you won’t have to give up on any of the results.

You could try to do the same with makeup. Your lipstick could serve as a blusher as well, a concealer could serve as a foundation and applied only on certain parts of the face as needed. Essentially, skin minimalism is about accepting your skin, while simultaneously raising our awareness on exactly what it is that you’re putting on your skin.

Skin minimalism – less, but more effective.

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